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Make our St Andrew’s Day Martini Cocktail

St Andrew's Day Martini Cocktail

What brings Russians, Greeks and Scots together? St Andrew’s Day! While tend to associate St Andrew with only our flying Saltire and use the national day as a chance to toast to all things Scottish, did you know he is also the patron saint of diverse nations around the globe?

To honour this international Saint’s day on 30th November, we used our multi award-winning Scotch whisky Raasay While We Wait and created a cocktail that brings in ingredients from several of these nations in one St Andrew’s Day tipple.

The St Andrew’s Martini features a dash Raasay While We Wait, potent Stolichnaya Blue Vodka from Russia, a Greek Kalamata black olive and is garnished with a vibrant twist of zingy Amalfi lemon, to honour the fact that the relics of St Andrew are preserved in Amalfi cathedral.

Make the St Andrew’s Maritni at Home

10mls of Raasay While We Wait
40mls of Stolichnaya Blue Vodka
20mls of dry vermouth

Stir and serve garnished with Kalamata Olives and a twist of Amalfi lemon.

As featured in The National and Whisky Intelligence.

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