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Distillery Tour & Tasting

(171 customer reviews)

From: £5.00

Our most coveted tour and tasting, enjoy an indepth look into the people, passion, and processes that make our Isle of Raasay Single Malt and Isle of Raasay Gin so unique. You’ll receive an insight into our island history and distillery production areas by one of our friendly and knowledgeable tour guides.

To top it all off, the tour finishes in our specially designed tasting room for a tasting of three Isle of Raasay spirits – our Signature Single Malt, current Distillery Exclusive, and our Isle of Raasay Gin.

Duration: 45-60 minutes

Important Booking Information:
  • The last ferry departing the island to the Isle of Skye is at 18:05 (with the exception of a Saturday which has a late sailing of 20:30). As such, the 6pm tour is recommended for those who are staying on the island overnight.
  • All children are welcome on production tours. There must be at least one adult to one child at all times during the tour.
  • Guide dogs are the only pets allowed within the production facility. All dogs are welcome into the visitors centre.
  • Tickets are non-refundable and are subject to our Tour Bookings Terms & Conditions. Please arrive at the distillery at least 5 minutes prior to the start time of your tour and check in at the front desk.
  • As we are a working distillery, there may be occasions that tours won’t be able to access the production area due to cleaning or maintenance work.
  • Please note that the distillery will not be in production on Saturdays, however you will still be able to go through with a guide.

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Reviews (171)

Find out more about our distillery tours and tasting on our tours information page.

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171 reviews for Distillery Tour & Tasting

  1. Tereza Vyhnánková (verified owner)

    100% worth it! Tour & tasting was a really great experience with great guide who told us some very interesting facts about the distillery and whiskey and Isle of Raasay overall.

  2. Mirloslav Kodym (verified owner)

    Great experience!!!

  3. Alistair Mackay (verified owner)

    Excellent visit, staff superb and knowledgeable and welcoming.

  4. Montana (verified owner)

    Lovely smooth whisky. If you like gin, that is really good too.

  5. Paul Taylor (verified owner)

    Fantastic Single Malt

  6. NINA (verified owner)

    Probably the best tasting experience we have ever had. The Distrillery tour guide was absolute the best. Not only did we get a tour of the distrillery we received a history lesson on the island and it’s people.

  7. Horst Buschmann (verified owner)

    Interesting tour and good whisky.

  8. Brian Carpenter (verified owner)

    My wife and I had a lovely time on the Isle of Raasay and the highlight for sure was our tour and tasting at the distillery. Alex, our guide, was very knowledgeable and fun. The Whisky, of course, was phenomenal… we took several bottles back to the US with us. Highly Recommended!!!

  9. Eddie (verified owner)

    Excellent day out to Raasay. Staff were top notch. Experience to remember

  10. Daniel Trail (verified owner)

    Great tour of the distillery and great tasting spirits.

  11. Margaret Smith (verified owner)

    Great tour. Guide was fantastic, very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Lovely whisky

  12. Michael Wentzel (verified owner)

    Really great experience with delicious whiskies

  13. Bret (verified owner)

    Jo was our guide and did a FANTASTIC job. She told us about the history of Raasay as well as the distillery. My friend and I decided at the last minute to do a tour, and it was one of the best decisions we made in our Scotland trip. If you are on Skye, take the ~$10 ferry to Raasay, walk to the distillery and enjoy some of the best Scotch with the best views in the whole country. The food was reasonably priced and very high quality as well. Pay for a mixed drink there! You wont regret it!

  14. Paul Ryder (verified owner)

    One of the best distillery tours I’ve been on. Great to spend time in this community focussed distillery. Friendly and informative tour giving a deeper understanding of the uniqueness of Raasay Distilery’s approach to making whisky. Well worth the short ferry trip.

  15. Michael Riley (verified owner)

    Not a Whisky drinker, but love doing tours of distilleries on our travels, this tour was very informative & the staff helpful & passionate

  16. Mr lewis pilkington (verified owner)

    We bought the Gin, tastes great and you can sip it without tonic if you wish !!

  17. Joakim Ekberg (verified owner)

    Interesting and enjoyable

  18. David parker (verified owner)

    The ferry to Raasay was almost as much fun to do as the tour was! the tour guide on the day was Ellie, she was both Knowledgeable and willing to answer the many questions that were fired at her from the 12+ folk on the tour. I work at many of the big distilleries around Scotland but this was such a nice cosy feel to yours. though the distillery was quite small I have to say it was up there with the best of them! I really liked the fact that the distillery has brought such good work to the island and its great to see the investment that its brought. We were lucky enough to see ,and buy!, the new 5yr release and I’m looking forward to the fire being on and trying it out soon.
    the only complaint I had was that i was driving so couldn’t try out all the drams!
    Top tour, top distillery, lovely folks there in!!
    Keep up the good work and i hope to be back soon.

  19. Ian Birks (verified owner)

    A great tour with the right amount of information about the distillery and delivered in a relaxed way. Thank you

  20. Fabien Blanc (verified owner)

    Interesting and comfortable experience. Our guide explained in details everything.

  21. Yair Vilian (verified owner)


  22. Jolanda (verified owner)

    Nice tour, good whiskey tasting. Pity that the ferry arrived over half an hour before the tasting started and there was no possibility to drink coffee , as the cafe opened at same time our tour started. The total tour was quite short and did not include the bottle department . But this was clear when booking.

  23. Alison Aynesworth (verified owner)

    Jo was a wonderful host. Na sia was delicious!

  24. Joanne Jefferis (verified owner)

    Unique, thoughtful and excellent.

  25. David Stephenson (verified owner)

    Great value

  26. Mr Keith Mellor (verified owner)

    Great products. Fantastic location. Alex was a super guide.

  27. Samara Eaton (verified owner)

    Wonderful tour, very informative and fun.

  28. Paul (verified owner)

    Fantastic tour of the distillery, Jo was such a knowledgeable host. The whisky tastes fabulous

  29. Lukas (verified owner)

    Beautiful distillery with young but delicious malts.

  30. Duncan MacInnes (verified owner)

    Charming small distillery on a charming island with a charming tour guide! :)

  31. Charlotte (verified owner)

    Very interesting en fun tour. You will learn a lot about whisky and how whiskey is made. Ofcourse the tasting is amazing.

  32. Jan Wijkhuizen (verified owner)

    Nice original whisky, hope they grow ‘old’ fast :)

  33. Andre van Soest (verified owner)

    Great tour, entertaining, lovely lady telling history and with a good sense op humor

  34. Gurnam Dhaliwal (verified owner)

    Excellent informative tour .

  35. Ann Agnalt (verified owner)

    Loved the different flavours of the whisky. Great addition to also taste the gin. Wonderful story told by the excellent guide of the distillery. The location is idyllic. Perfect that Isle of Raasay Distillery also serves meals that can be enjoyed while waiting for the ferry. The bar also serves several very good cocktails.

  36. Paul (verified owner)

    A very informative tour and tasting given by knowledgeable, enthusiastic and friendly staff.

  37. customer 69 (verified owner)

    Such a great story behind the award winning innovative approach this collective has developed – great product, great people – great experience.

  38. Andrew Cunningham (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed our experience at the distillery, great fresh decor, nice story of the birth of the brand. Staff were so friendly

  39. Pallavi Pandey (verified owner)

    Highly recommended Rassay tour, it’s an experience on an island. Simple short tour. we loved it and shopped too.

  40. Mary (verified owner)

    Great talk from Alex

  41. GM10 (verified owner)

    Isle of Raasay distillery is the most scenic place with the best distillery view.

    The tour was extremely informative and the guide Steve was superb – if you are in the area I would strongly recommend taking the time to visit. Superb!

  42. David Goodwin (verified owner)


  43. Thomas Müller (verified owner)

    Sweet, rich, smokey, young wildness,

  44. Susanne Heinen (verified owner)

    Fantastisch, traumhaft, modern, wunderschön

  45. Carol Wilcox (verified owner)

    It was a fascinating experience and knowing we had to catch the last ferry back to the mainland they made sure we could make that schedule and still buy a bottle of whisky.

  46. Joshua (verified owner)

    Great tour guide

  47. Ewa Modzelewska (verified owner)

    We liked the tour.

  48. Stephen Pullinger (verified owner)

    Very enjoyable tour and excellent whisky!

  49. Reto Egli (verified owner)


  50. Unhappy Traveller (verified owner)

    Best view I’ve ever seen from a distillery! Great tour, even better whiskey (and the gin was a surprise hit)! Coming here was a highlight of our trip. You don’t want to miss it!!

  51. Amac (verified owner)

    Excellent tour. Very knowledgeable guide

  52. Corry (verified owner)

    We learned not only about the distillery but also about life on the island fabulous.

  53. John (verified owner)

    Not your average distillery tour. Informal, unrushed, and delivered by a highly knowledgeable individual, it imparts much more than just the production process. Island history, effect of the distillery in island life, and so on.

    Highly recommended.

  54. Lynne Griffiths (verified owner)

    Interesting tour. Tour Guide was excellent.

  55. Gordon MacNee (verified owner)

    The whisky was ‘young’ but will grow in flavour as they mature. Great to see some wild experiments including Tequila cask whisky and strong support for the gin drinkers. Lovely setting and friendly people

  56. Paul Musil (verified owner)

    Interesting, smoky, but a little bit young whisky

  57. Theresa Gang (verified owner)

    Loved the tour and the persona insight the guide had as a resident!

  58. Alfred Schlegel (verified owner)


  59. Luigi Abbate (verified owner)

    Nice tour by Steve, distillery is quite young and fresh, history of the isle and distillery is interesting, whisky taste very good

  60. Lucien Lohmann (verified owner)

    It was a wonderful trip to Raasay. We really enjoyed the tour of the distillery. We learned a lot about the island, its people and the still quite young distillery. The whisky was great. Afterwards we explored the island a bit by car. Highly recommended.

  61. top secret (verified owner)

    Everything was great

  62. Bart (verified owner)

    Great guide. With a great story and the tasting was generous.

  63. Ethan Weinberg (verified owner)

    We had a lovely time visiting the distillery! We had an intimate tour and tasting with just one other couple. The whiskey and gin were both fantastic, and we plan to order some to have it shipped to the U.S.

  64. Ian (verified owner)

    A fascinating tour and explanation of the production of Malt Whiskies. Wonderful whiskies, inspirational talk and a truly beautiful building in a wonderful location

  65. Julien Ple (verified owner)

    Nice place, interesting but quick visit, Fantastic view, Very friendly staff.

  66. Mr Black (verified owner)

    My wife and I love the isle of raasay and have been quite a few times.

    We went back to the distillery a few weeks ago and did that tour and tasting for a second time and it was even better than the first time we went.

    The tour guide explained the process and how they make the whisky along with a bit of history of that island which was fascinating.

    We got to try two whisky’s and one gin which were all amazing.

    Would highly recommend this

  67. Carmen de Lange (verified owner)

    We thoroughly enjoyed the tour and tasting at Raasay Distillery. We can’t wait to see where they go with their tasty whisky. Loved the collaborative nature of the place Рbringing jobs to the island, providing free feed to the local farmers and using a Skye local chocolatier for the paired tasting.

  68. Divya Rao (verified owner)

    The gin with notes of citrus and coriander was lovely!

  69. Robert Jamieson (verified owner)

    Excellent tour facilitated very professionally by Alex. Great tasting whisky.

  70. Žan Logar (verified owner)

    I liked the tour guide very much. Very Nice tour.

  71. Andrea Pitman (verified owner)

    Great tour hosted by Jo who was friendly and knowledgeable. Would have been even better if we were able to see bottling and a warehouse perhaps.
    Fabulous young whisky.
    Beautiful setting for a lovely distillery.

  72. Eddy Chang (verified owner)

    Tour is very detailed and the staffs are also very kind.

  73. Steve Sorrell (verified owner)

    Quality quality quality

  74. Jim MacDonald (verified owner)


  75. Fabio Ronga (verified owner)

    I would have preferredto do without the 20 min guests introduction and spend more time on the tour, which skipped the casks and the bottling process (even if it’s still manual)…

  76. Mr MacLeod (verified owner)

    We enjoyed the tour. Steve the tour guide was friendly and informative. We enjoyed both the whisky and the gin.

  77. Norman Conquest (verified owner)


  78. Alexander Schmidt (verified owner)

    Very nice Distillery in the wonderful nature of Raasay…

  79. Shona Adams (verified owner)

    We had a lovely time

  80. Stuart Williams (verified owner)

    Nice tour of one of the more ‘modest’ distilleries. Stunning set up and lovely location- recommended

  81. Stefan L. (verified owner)

    A very friendly welcome in this small and young distillery. The guide has been telling interesting facts about making whisky in general and particular details about this very small island. You may miss seeing some part of the process like casking and botteling which is done at a different place on the island. But it is definitely worth visiting !
    The tasting was good as well. Two different whiskies (lightly peated and stronger peated) and one gin. Good to experience that it makes sense to add a little bit of water to increase the flavour.
    Strongly recommend!

  82. Felix Doose (verified owner)

    Great Tour in a small, cosy distillery.

  83. mark mcclure (verified owner)

    The tour was very educational, not only regarding whisky and gin but about Raasay’s history.

  84. Michele Everitt (verified owner)

    Very fun and informative tour and tasting. Would be happy to visit and do it again!

  85. Michael DuVernois (verified owner)

    Great tour of a small, new whiskey distillery. The staff were excellent and clearly dedicated to both the distillery and a vision of improving life on Raasay Island.

  86. Alleyne Ellis (verified owner)

    The Isle of Raasay Distillery tour and tasting was excellent! We have been buying and enjoying the gin and whisky since 2020 and planned this visit as part of our Scotland adventure.
    We enjoyed hearing about the history of Raasay, wider Scottish history and the vision and development of the Distillery. We have been to a few distilleries in our time and this one didn’t disappoint…the seeing the distinctive stills and washbacks actively creating the drink was very interesting.
    We also enjoyed the bar and the views to Skye as we enjoyed a dram after our various walks on the island. We will be back!
    Thank you
    Alley & Andy Ellis

  87. Roger peltzman (verified owner)

    Informative, fun, and delicious tasting on beautiful isle

  88. Alia Wallace (verified owner)

    This tour was great and the whisky & gin are delicious! Highly recommend.

  89. M. van Dorst (verified owner)

    Good tour and great tour guide. Nice to see the distillery. Personal we think whisky still lacks character. When Raasay House Hotel is closed no little snacks available, has to be improved. Provision for visitors too minimal.

  90. Mrs M Gault (verified owner)

    Very nice tour, guide was very informative, tasting was nice,great tasting whisky and gin.

  91. Regan G (verified owner)

    This was the perfect tour on an exclusive island with beautiful views from the distillery

  92. Ruth Marshall (verified owner)

    Fantastic tour round the small distillery. The tasting experience was great and we continued in the bar afterwards and bought gin and whiskey to take home.
    Jo, the tour guide, was lovely and knowledgeable about the company and processes.
    The ferry trip over was glorious and well worth it to visit Raasay Distillery.

  93. Maria Pelletta (verified owner)

    The distillery building is inviting and I received a very warm welcome. The tour guide was engaging, knowledgeable and fun. It was great that she talked about the island itself, history and geology and gave us the clear message that Raasay whisky is part of the island. It was great.

  94. MARK E. WUEST (verified owner)

    Excellent history of the island and the aspirations for the distillery

  95. Dirk Dreschel (verified owner)

    Great idea of starting and ending in one room. You can leave your things there. The idea of producing Whisky and Gin is interesting and the taste of both were really interesting. I follow your distillery.

  96. Frank Rinner (verified owner)

    beautiful Tasting, nice peoble, must do…..

  97. Daniela Mueller (verified owner)

    Great little distillery and very good whiskey. Tour was good but a bit short and unfortunately on weekends there is no production process which would have been interesting to see.

  98. Guus De Vries (verified owner)

    Nice location, great whiskey. Disappointing that a distillery tour doesn’t go into the facilities without any form of compensation.

  99. Gaham Cameron (verified owner)

    Great tour with excellent guide.wonderful setting

  100. Adrian Stitzel (verified owner)

    Our guide was young but very eloquent and could really give us a good impression of the place.

  101. LAI F (verified owner)

    Must visit when you are in Skye. Unforgettable memory with good wine and good scenes

  102. Robert Smith (verified owner)

    Great tour, thanks

  103. Mrs Marion Singleton (verified owner)

    Love it, bought gin & Whiskey, little bit expensive I have to say.

  104. Kunde (verified owner)

    Friendly people and good whisky

  105. Gavin Maxwell (verified owner)

    Excellent tour!

  106. Anne (verified owner)

    The guide was very friendly, knowledgeable an enthusiastic.

  107. Élodie Dessimond (verified owner)

    Fantastic tour and qualitative products

  108. Mark Varney (verified owner)

    Lovely experience . Bright and new distillery. Nice to have been one of the first to see it, and try it.
    Great to see the enthusiasm of the staff .

  109. Søren Styrbak (verified owner)

    Great setting, good guide. good selection of tastes

  110. Christiane & Peter Kube (verified owner)

    Very professional and Good Tour 😊🤩👍

  111. Corinna Fischer (verified owner)

    Beautiful building, lively and engaging guide with a good story and vivid explanations, excellent whisky and gin. I liked the story of how the distillery have s new perspective to youth wanting to work on the island.

  112. Ken Donaldson (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed an interesting tour in a fantastic setting. And the whisky was pretty damn good too!!

  113. Amanda (verified owner)

    A lovely experience and a great host. The whiskey was delicious and I really appreciated how raasay distillery was making such an effort to make everything from produce off the island and local area. Beautiful spot too. Would recommend to anyone to go and try the Raasay whiskey and gin and experience the tour

  114. Corinne Ford & Robert Delahunty (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed the tour. Very friendly and informative guide.

  115. Sharon van Winterswijk (verified owner)

    Very friendly staff

  116. Rebecca Clayton (verified owner)

    Beautiful setting. Loved that history of the Isle of Rasaay was included in the tour. Great whiskey!

  117. Corinna Neumann (verified owner)

    Sehr nett, sehr lecker , schöne Lokation.

  118. Mrs Duckworth (verified owner)

    Excellent tour guide

  119. Daniel Hellstrom (verified owner)

    We enjoyed our visit

  120. Teresa Mcgee (verified owner)

    Jo was a knowledgeable and gracious host for our group. This was my second visit in less than a year and I shall return.

  121. Mr Keith Hendrie (verified owner)

    Great tour and tasting, the whiskey is excellent, look forward to returning.

  122. Paul Voet (verified owner)

    Worthwhile doing.
    Very friendly people.
    Go for it!

  123. ianmread (verified owner)

    Excellent tour, very helpful and knowledgable guide. The distillery is great, well worth the hardship of a scenic ferry trip to a beautiful island!

  124. Daniel (verified owner)

    Fantastic whisky and superb tour

  125. Iain (verified owner)

    Fantastic new distillery in a stunning location with great staff!

  126. Mom and Dad Smith (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic tour! So informative, and the whiskey is beyond perfection! Thank you!

  127. Roger Marment (verified owner)

    An excellent and informative tour

  128. L FN (verified owner)

    We really enjoyed the whole experience. The talk beforehand was very informative and interesting.
    The whisky was beautiful and so was the gin we tasted. We couldn’t drink it all as the samples were so generous!

  129. Geoffrey Hill (verified owner)

    Our group of four was well received and the talk we had about the work and recent history of the distillery was a lively delivery and really informative. We enjoyed the tour followed by a couple of drams. Many thanks.

  130. Ralf Mützel (verified owner)

    Great Tour in a small new Distillery. It feels like being part of the family. I missed only one thing – a glimpse of the casks at the end of the Tour. Anyway, it’s a very delicious Whisky as well as a a great Gin!

  131. AndrewB (verified owner)

    Steve was outstanding at explaining everything about the process and the decisions that have been made.

  132. Ulf Steingrüber (verified owner)


  133. Graham E (verified owner)

    Beautiful whisky ü•É

  134. Customer (verified owner)

    Great tour! Would have been nice to see a little of the bottling.

  135. Marion Harkness (verified owner)

    Great day out, ferry trip beautiful to island, short walk up to distillery. staff polite, enthusiastic and very well organised. Tour guide, Sophie, was exceptional. Definitely would recommend.

  136. Nicholas Kerwin (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed the tour. Although it would have been nice to be able to see the casks.

  137. Olga Edwards (verified owner)

    Really informative tour. The guide was knowledgeable and fun and the whiskey and gin were delicious.

  138. Scott Oran (verified owner)

    Love the product / the tour was disappointing / we were only allowed to view from the outside because of an issue in the distillery

  139. Wendy (verified owner)

    Entertaining and informative tour. Raasay Distillery is a smart operation in a fantastic setting. Whisky is excellent too.

  140. Kevin (verified owner)

    Nice tour with guided tasting.
    Whiskies are still quite young (as is the distillery) but would be looking forward trying some new releases in the years to come.
    Also, a very nice scenery and enthusiastic tour guides :)

  141. Jane Robinson (verified owner)

    Loved the tour, loved the gin & the whiskey. All highly recommended

  142. Carla Brown (verified owner)

    Nice distillery and informative tour with tasting. If you have time take a walk up to Temptation Hill for great views of Skye
    Check the ferry time table before you book.

  143. Karin Bahr (verified owner)

    Your gin is excellent, the Whisky promising but will probably get better with age. The price is quite high.

  144. Alissa Götzinger (verified owner)

    Great experience!

  145. Chris (verified owner)

    Interesting tour and tasting

  146. Graeme (verified owner)

    The tour was well worth the money. The guide was very knowledgeable and we both liked how he explained about the history of the island and the link the distillery and islanders have.

  147. Arnoud Verheij (verified owner)

    Good value for your money. Great whisky

  148. Vincent van Yperen (verified owner)

    Nice to taste the new whisky and also the gin

  149. Mr. Robin Rawle (verified owner)

    A small distillery on a beautiful island. Excellent whisky, interesting tour well explained. When you visit I’d suggest taking a car over (with a designated driver) because the rest of the island is well worth driving around. I found the whole tour/island experience really pleasant although is rained all day.

  150. Elizabeth Deener (verified owner)

    It was a wonderful visit. Thank you!

  151. Lesley (verified owner)

    The tasting tour was absolutely brilliant

  152. Gillian Wilson (verified owner)

    Interesting and entertaining tour by Katya

  153. Frau Pascale (verified owner)

    Let us see what time will do to this young whisky

  154. Maisie Dobbs (verified owner)

    We had a fabulous time at the tasting! Brilliant intimate and informative tour and insightful tasting. Most enjoyable.

  155. Peter Logie (verified owner)

    This was a wonderful hour in the very attractive buildings of this new distillery. The staff were friendly and Julian our guide really made the whole experience come alive in a fun, knowledgeable and enjoyable manner. The icing on the cake were views of the Cuillins to enjoy from the windows and Highland Cattle in the field! I would highly recommend this experience, reached by a short ferry journey. I was the driver, so no tasting but the aroma was very good so I had to buy a bottle!

  156. Michael Schmid (verified owner)

    Great tour guide, Steve gave also a lot of additional background information about Rasay

  157. durward (verified owner)

    will certainly improve with age

  158. PB (verified owner)

    Nice tour of Distillery.

  159. Machiel Oberholzer (verified owner)

    Excellent taste for such a young whisky!

  160. Didier CALET (verified owner)

    Lovely place and peaceful island !
    beautiful and exciting distillery

  161. Josh Oppenheim (verified owner)

    I had such a fun time on the tour and the tastings were delicious

  162. Andra MacDougall (verified owner)

    It was a smooth peaty taste with a warm finish. Very enjoyable so much so we bought two bottles of whiskey and a gin.

  163. ANDY P (verified owner)

    Great tour, very knowledgeable about the history of the island. Great to have 2 drams to try

  164. John (verified owner)

    It’s a charming distillery with a very erudite and interesting tour (plus some great tastings at the end and a lovely shop/bad!)

  165. Mr J Harrison (verified owner)

    An excellent tour and tasting session

  166. Stewart Shaw (verified owner)

    Excellent tour – informative and great guide and whisky good at the end

  167. ANGELIKA Schwarz (verified owner)

    Taste of smoke, very smoothie

  168. C J (verified owner)

    Great place to visit. Entertaining tour and very friendly staff.

  169. Fiona Seath (verified owner)

    Lovely business and fabulous products, investing back into the area.

  170. Giles Francke (verified owner)

    Excellent tour of the distillery. Highly recommend visiting the island and the distillery for a half day or a day on the ferry from Skye. If possible do the distillery tour first, which takes about an hour including tasting, as they also provide information on the history of the Isle of Raasay then tour the island by car to see some of the sights. Allow at least half day for this so have time to stop and walk at some of the sights.

  171. Mr Ross Boardman (verified owner)

    Super distillery tour in a wonderful location, added adventure is taking the ferry to get there. Tour guide was great.

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