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Small Scotch Whisky Cask

Purchase one of our small 30 litre ex-Speyside Scotch whisky oak casks and own your piece of Raasay Distillery history.

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Your spirit will be produced, distilled and filled into your Scotch whisky cask by our team on Raasay and, after maturing here on the island, will age into some of the first ever Isle of Raasay Single Malt.

Price: £999
Volume: 30 Litres*
Expected Bottles: Approximately 40*
Spirit Types: Peated or unpeated spirit.
Cask Type:
Ex-Speyside Scotch whisky oak casks.
Maturation: Matured on Raasay for 3 years & then bottled*.
Keep The Cask: You can keep your emptied 30 litre cask once the liquid has been bottled.

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* The volume & number of bottles produced will depend on the angels’ share/evaporation, maturation period, bottle size and bottling strength. Prices quoted exclude future bottling costs, tax, UK Duty, and delivery costs. Raasay Distillery will bottle at standard industry rates. Please ensure you have read our terms and conditions prior to purchase.

Spirit Type

Peated Spirit, Unpeated Spirit

Cask Type

Ex-Speyside Scotch Whisky Oak Casks (30 Litre)