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Add 3rd Whisky Release to Your Raasay Collection

Raasay While We Wait 3rd Release

The 3rd new whisky release of Raasay While We Wait will join the initial two releases in retail markets this month.

All bottlings of Raasay While We Wait are matured in ex-bourbon casks and then finished in Tuscan red wine casks that once held a Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon blend.

1st release was finished for 8 weeks.

2nd release was finished for 18 months.

3rd release is a 50:50 combination of both finishing types.

Raasay While We Wait 3rd Release Label

3rd Release

Our aim with the 3rd release of our whisky was to create a harmony of the light smokiness of the first release with the more mellow, fruitiness of the 2nd. With the 3rd release we’ve combined 1st and 2nd release finishes.

Therefore, the 3rd release returns more of the light smokiness that first release lovers crave, while being ideally balanced by the soft berry notes indicative of the 2nd release.

It’s an exciting time for this new expression to hit the market as we gear up for the official opening ceremony of the Isle of Raasay Distillery in September (tours beginning late September/early October).

Every edition of Raasay While We Wait is representative of our single malt which is to be produced on Raasay at the new distillery and bottled in 2020. You may ask how then each release has been slightly different?

The flavour of Raasay While We Wait is predicted based upon elements such as the mineral content in our natural water supply filtered through volcanic rock, the casks we will use, the capability of our stills and our plans for long fermentation.

We know that Raasay While We Wait won’t taste exactly like what runs off our stills but it will be highly recognisable as a distinct family of Raasay whisky. We’re still developing exactly where we want the first Raasay single malt to sit in profile and the various releases of Raasay While We Wait along with our profile mapping by Spirit of Hven whisky guru Henrick helps us achieve this (more about our partnership with Henrick later).

Build the Whole Collection:

1st Release: available from our online whisky shop and some of our retailers.

2nd Release: stocked at online retailers including royalmilewhiskies.com & masterofmalt.com as well as our other specialist retailers.

3rd Release: goes on pre-order for members of any of our whisky clubs tonight for the duration of the weekend before being available at retailers and in our online shop.

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