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Step Inside Our Bottle Factory

Our Isle of Raasay Gin is the talk of the town and due to popular interest, we’re transporting you inside our bottle factory run by world class glass manufacturers Stoelzle Glass Group for an exclusive look behind the scenes at our glass bottle production process and how our beautiful bottle is made.

Step 1
Melt & Mould

First off in bottle production, the molten glass is dropped down through an orifice and poured through deflectors that feed the bottle mould.

Melt and Mould Glass Bottle

Step 2
Cooling Down

Once out of the mould, the bottles are at a staggering temperature of 1200 degrees! They are grabbed by the neck, pulled over plates and held to cool down.

Cooling down moulded bottle

Step 3
Quality Check

Next the bottles patiently queue up to go through a ‘thermal shock prevention machine’ to avoid breakages from extreme temperature change.

Quality check bottle in queue

Step 4
Recycling Faulty Bottles

The bottles then enter a laser machine that detects any faults. Faulty bottles are removed via air jet blasts and sent off to be recycled.

Recycling faulty bottles

Step 5
Scuffing Prevention

Now nearing the end of the glass bottle production process, they are cold-end sprayed which prevents scuffing if they knock against each other in transit.

scuffing prevention

Step 6
Package & Ship

Finally, the bottles are packed up with cardboard dividers for protection in transit and waved off from Knottingley to Isle of Raasay, ready to be filled with our delicious botanical Hebridean gin and stocked online for you to buy!

Isle of Raasay Gin Bottle

Isle of Raasay Gin

Isle of Raasay Hebridean Gin
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