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Bat Watch Night & Distillery Tour – 1st August 2018

Raasay Distillery Bat Watch Night

Join us on Wednesday 1 August 2018 for a special distillery tour, tasting event and an evening of bat information and fun with a chance to be introduced to the bats which make Raasay Distillery their home. The environmental aspect will be led by Ross Preston and Janie Steele (our own Bat man and Robin), the ecologists who have been advising and caring for our special residents throughout the exciting journey of building our distillery.

Bats are one of the most popular and easily recognisable small mammals in Britain. Home to over 100 common pipistrelle bats Raasay Distillery also hosts a colony of brown long-eared bats thought to be the furthest north-west population in the UK.

Here on Raasay, the open land spaces and dense woodland areas offer these amazing animals a fantastic natural habitat. Despite being much maligned at times associated with vampires and Halloween fear, many people don’t realise the importance of bats in the UK, across Europe and the globe. They are considered an ‘indicator species’ which means when their populations drop it’s a sure sign that there is something harmful going on in the environment affecting biodiversity; therefore ultimately it would have a negative outcome for humans too.

During the event, in addition to the special tour there will be a chance to learn more about these marvellous creatures as well as take part in our Summer activity survey as a citizen scientist. Youngsters among you can have a go at some batty activities and games (although these are fun for all ages) before delving into the nocturnal goings on of some of Raasay’s nocturnal residents. Use our bat detectors to listen for calls as the sun goes down as the animals emerge for the evening’s forage between the trees thankfully eating a midge or two…(thousands)!

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Bat Count Night & Evening Distillery Tour

We’ll tell you about what we might see on this bat safari, help you understand why our native bats are so important and how you are helping by coming along to get involved. Then as night falls you’ll join us on a guided walk to investigate the wild bat colonies that call our Distillery home. During this exploration you’ll help us monitor these crucial small mammals as you observe their behaviour in their natural habitat and get an insight into their sonic world.

Children are very welcome but please bring an adult with you. We can keep those around five and over busy with craft activities whilst parents/guardians are enjoying the distillery tour.

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Bat Watch Night & Distillery Tour Programme

For little ones – please note that the bat watch around the building and the trees on site cannot not start until about 9:05 pm as sunset is approx. 9:30 pm.


  • Distillery tour starting at 19:00
  • Bat craft activities (alternative to distillery tour and mostly suited to younger participants but open to all)


  • Whisky tasting in the Gathering Room to end the distillery tour
  • Information on our bats will be on display in Gathering Room during the tasting session


  • Ross & Janie will offer visitors a basic introduction to local bats and other bat species in the UK and globally
  • Practical – a demonstration on using bat detectors


  • Comfort break, gear up and ready to go outside for 9pm (Survey to start at 9pm)

9.05pm onwards (with latest finish at 11pm)

  • Practical outdoors – Bat watching and summer activity survey of Raasay Distillery bats

Ticket Information

DATE & TIME: 1st August 2018 | 7pm till 11pm
DRINKS: Tea, coffee & licensed bar.

We recommend wearing sensible, flat shoes or boots (perhaps that you don’t mind getting muddy in case it is wet). Please bring weather appropriate clothing (including a warmer jacket and a hat) as well as your own torch and midge protection!

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Artwork for the event has been created by our hugely talented team member Mary Grieve. Find out more about her work on her website at www.marygrieve.com

Bat Watch Night at Raasay Distillery

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