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Visited the Raasay distillery for a two night stay. First of all the location is amazing with stunning views back across to Skye. As soon as you set foot on the ferry it’s almost as if you are heading off to a different world as you leave all the traffic and madness of Skye in tourist season behind!

The hotel sits as an integral part of the new distillery building. The rooms are well decorated and whilst not massive are perfectly fine for a short stay. In the hotel are a couple of communal seating areas where we met other visitors and enjoyed some good banter. We ate in the distillery on the first night and the venison was excellent.

Naturally being a big whisky drinker we were mainly there for the whisky. The tour was a lot of fun and the unique story behind the distillery came to the fore. Although there isnt any whisky ready to drink for the next few years there were numerous pours of the “Raasay While We Wait” to hand at every opportunity!

Beyond the distillery Raasay is well worth a visit. Callums road is a must and the walk up Dun Cann delivers a stunning panorama of the whole area. We will be looking forward to a return