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The Isle of Raasay

Raasay, the Island

The Isle of Raasay lies off the west coast of Scotland in the Inner Hebrides, separated from the Isle of Skye by a short 25 minute ferry journey.

This corner of the world is known for its breathtaking natural beauty, geological variety, and one of Scotland’s most incredibly diverse ecosystems.

Comparable in size and shape to Manhattan Island, the Isle of Raasay has only 160 residents. Today, over 10% of the island work at the distillery.

Rooted in centuries of illicit distilling and rich in history, culture and community, from Bonnie Prince Charlie and celebrated Gaelic poet Sorley MacLean, to the enigmatic Calum’s Road – Raasay has a character of its own, distinct from any of the other Hebridean islands. It is also a fantastic base from which to explore the neighbouring Isle of Skye.

The Island’s Unique Geology

Translated from Old Norse as ‘island of the roe (or red) deer’, Raasay, or Ratharsair in Gaelic, boasts a diverse geology, forged in volcanic fires.

Water from our well, known as ‘Tobar na Ba Baine/the Well of the Pale Cow’ flows across volcanic rock and filters through Jurassic sandstone, adding minerals crucial to the flavour in our whisky and gin.

Our fine-tuned range of expressions harness Raasay’s raw elements of water, and for special releases, local peat and barley – and bring them to life through premium Scotch whisky and gin.

The Island’s People and Community

Our whisky and gin are an expression of people and place.

One hotel, three bed and breakfasts, two shops, one primary school, and a distillery built by the hands of several islanders – make up the island’s close-knit community.

Generations of people, knowledge, and culture shape our philosophy and influence the character of our spirit. An island, distilled.

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The Island’s History

Raasay dates back to the Gaelic Kingdom of Dalriada in the 6th Century and became a Norse subject in the 8th Century, which is why we see such a strong Norse influence on our place names.

The island returned to the Kingdom of Scotland in 1266 and was ruled by Mac Gille Chaluim, the Macleods of Raasay, from the 16th-19th Century before a succession of private landlords.

Bonnie Prince Charlie, undoubtedly one of the most famous historical figures to set foot on Raasay, spent two nights hiding out on Raasay following the 1746 Battle of Culloden. The Macleods of Raasay suffered brutal retribution at the hands of the Hanovarian troops for their support for the Jacobite cause, all their livestock killed, homes and boats looted and razed.

Raasay is also the birth place of Sorley Maclean, the most significant Gaelic poet of the 20th Century. Sorley Maclean’s powerful imagery in works such as ‘Hallaig’, portrays the grief and hardship suffered by his native Raasay as a result of the Highland Clearances, which saw the population drop from over 1,000 to what it is today.

It is this poignant history that has shaped the spirit of Raasay today.

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Getting to the Isle of Raasay is easier than you might think. With regular ferry sailings from the Isle of Skye seven days a week, the Isle of Raasay is one of Scotland’s most accessible islands.

You might want to spend all your time on the Isle of Raasay relaxing with a dram or a G&T admiring the magical views, but if you can tear your eyes away, this small but mighty island has a lot to offer.

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