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Pre-order the Isle of Raasay Single Malt Inaugural Release

The Isle of Raasay Single Malt Inaugural Release is lightly peated with rich dark fruit flavours.

This limited edition first release is matured in first fill American oak, and finished in 21 exclusive first fill Bordeaux red wine casks.

Secure your piece of Scotch whisky history, with all pre-ordered bottles delivered in time for Christmas 2020*. Bottled at 52% abv, non-chill filtered and natural colour.

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Isle of Raasay Single Malt Inaugural Release

We have created an elegant, lightly peated (15-20 Peat or Phenol Parts Per Million) single malt by taking a premium, narrow cut of our spirit run.

100% Scottish barley is mashed with mineral-rich water from our well to produce a wash that ferments for three to five days. These long fermentations, combined with the manganese from our water, create sweet blackberry characteristics in our spirit before it even touches the oak of the cask.

The Water of Life

From mashing to bottling – Raasay water is used throughout production, adding character to the spirit at every stage.

Falling as rain on Dùn Cana, the island’s highest peak, our water flows across volcanic rock and filters through Jurassic sandstone into our distillery well, known as Tobar na Ba Bàine (the Well of the Pale Cow).

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Maturation & Finishing

Our high quality American oak barrels develop almond, hazelnut, and sweet spice flavours in the spirit, and the previous bourbon contents develop caramel, toffee, and creamy chocolate notes.

Rich Dark Fruit Flavours

The final maturation in French oak casks develops savoury spice flavours, and the Bordeaux red wine infused oak brings rich dark fruit notes to the fore.

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Limited Edition Scotch Whisky

Our inaugural release spirit is a one-off expression matured in American oak and finished in Bordeaux red wine casks. This release is the all-important link between our lightly peated, fruity independent bottling, Raasay While We Wait Single Malt, and our forthcoming signature Isle of Raasay Single Malt, released in 2021.

Become Part of the Story

Pre-orders now sold out! Join our Slàinte Club to hear about our latest product and distillery developments.

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Join a Virtual Tasting

Let Raasay come to you as part of our new virtual tastings.

From the comfort (and safety) of your own home, we will take you through our unique six-part maturation.

Two Isle of Raasay spirits – peated and unpeated – are matured separately in three distinct cask types – Rye whiskey, fresh Chinkapin oak, and Bordeaux red wine casks. These six signature casks are then married together in varying proportions to create real depth and complexity in our signature Isle of Raasay Single Malt.

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Raasay Single Malt – Inaugural Release FAQs

Will the Bottles Be Numbered?

Our Inaugural Release bottles will be sequentially numbered at the time of bottling.

Changing Your Delivery Address

If you need to change the delivery address on your Inaugural Release order please email our team on info@raasaydistillery.com. You are able to change the delivery address on your order until the day of despatch in 2020.

Can I Reserve A Specific Bottle Number?

Whilst our Inaugural Release bottles will be sequentially numbered, due to operational reasons we are generally unable to reserve specific bottle numbers for customers. If you would like any further information on this please email info@raasaydistillery.com

* Delivery may not be possible to some countries (or states) due to local alcohol sales restrictions. Delivery to some countries may be possible but require the payment of additional alcohol duty, local taxes and additional delivery charges. Please ensure you have read our terms and conditions prior to purchase.